Notes on Demand

Storacall Notes on Demand gives users the ability to add some notes to a telephone conversation which has just taken place and has been recorded.

Record on Demand

The feature allows users to put notes such as policy number or client reference number into the call recording database without having to access the call data.

At the end of each call a pop-up window will appear giving details of the call that has just taken place, the user now has the option to add some notes against that call.

If you do not wish to add any notes you can choose to ignore the pop-up windows or just close it, after your next conversation has taken place the window will again appear giving you the same options for the new recording.

Once notes are added to calls you can then use these to search for calls via the Storacall user interface, so if you want to find all calls for a particular policy number or client reference number you can perform a search on this information and all inbound/outbound calls with that data will be returned for playback and analysis.

Notes on Demand can be used in conjunction with our Record on Demand feature, usually found most useful for Managers and Directors whose calls are not normally recorded but who would like to be selective in when they do record.

The Notes on Demand and Record on Demand options are available on Storacall recording systems using ISDN primary/ basic rate or analogue trunks utilising a SMDR connection to the telephone system.

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